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The Public Debt Office, dependence of the Ministry of Finance, was created on January 20th, 2006 through the approval of Law No. 6-06 on Public Credit. As the governing body of the Public Credit System, it is responsible for the management of public financing and for ensuring the timely repayment of the public debt service.

Main Functions

Design and implement the Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy, which outlines the guidelines of the Government's financing policy for each fiscal period.

Be the sole recipient of financing offers, evaluate them and recommend rejection or approval.

Carry out the process of negotiation, contracting and/or debt issuance for Central Government financing.

Register and administrate all public credit operations carried out within the scope of the Non-Financial Public Sector.

Ensure the timely repayment of public debt service, through the issuance of payment orders.

Maintain up-to-date NFPS debt statistics, including projections of the public debt service.

Organize and administrate an information system on the external and domestic credit markets that serves as support and guidance in the debt contracting and issuance process.

Manage requests of Central Government guarantees by the organizations that make up the Non-Financial Public Sector, within the framework of the authorizations granted by the National Congress.

Dictate the rules that regulate the procedures of negotiation, contracting, issuance, disbursement, placement and service of loans and government bonds, conducted by the institutions of the non-financial public sector.


To be the governing entity of the Public Credit System and to assist the government’s decision making process in terms of the public expenditure financing and the new debt contracting.


To obtain for the Government of the Dominican Republic the most advantageous financing terms and conditions for the country’s debt obligations based upon market conditions and within a debt sustainability framework that conforms to the national development strategy and to the National Congress Authorizations.

An agile and transparent public credit process that makes extensive use of information technologies and communication which is supported by a highly qualified professional staff that takes pride in being a member of the Public Debt Office.



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